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"Veee~" Chibitalia sighed as you two held hands at the river. You and Chibitalia were best friends, you did everything together.

"Ne~ ______-chan? do you wanna come to dinner tonight? my brother is coming home~"

You smiled and kissed him on both cheeks before running off saying, "Kay! I'll see you at Plaza San Marco, okay?"


You waited, splashing in the water that overflowed in the plaza. It must have been that time of the month. You gazed at the dimming sun, as the lanterns came on, and pigeons flew up into the sky, covering it like grey clouds, tinted with red and orange. Holding your hair that blew into your face with the light breeze, you noticed a figure approaching, and you recognized the curl immediately. 

"Ciao, Feli!" You squeaked and hugged the figure.

"Eh, excuse me Singorina, but I don't think I am the gentleman you are looking for."

You looked up, into the handsome face of a man who, closely resembled Feliciano, but seemed a bit more Gentleman-like. He had the curl, too. You, blushing, detached yourself from him, apologizing. 

The man smiled, kissing your hand. "No matter, Singorina. When a true beauty crosses my path, I do not forget her in a hurry." 

He then winked, and disappeared into the winding streets of Venice, leaving you red as a tomato.

"Veee~ ____-chan!" You heard Italy splashing towards, smiling like a maniac.

"Eh? _____-chan? What happened? You look red like pasta sauce!" You blinked, getting over what has just happened. Italy smiled again, and grabbed your hand, dragging you in the direction of his house.


SLAM! "Holy Rome! Romano! _____-chan is now here!" Feli burst into his house with you close in tow, panting from running after the hyper-active italian. You glanced around and waved at Germany sitting at the table, looking as serious as ever. He waved back, but looked a little relieved. 

At the second guest, you gasped. It was the same handsome italian man you had bumped into earlier! twinkling brown eyes gazed at you, as you became red once more.
He stood up, and walked calmly up to you, and took your hand. Taking your hand, he brought it to his lips, and kissed it delicately. Looking up to yours, he smiled that smile.

"My pleasure."
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Loved it~
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